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Quality in our services is our top priority. This is the reason why we provide translation services only by professional, highly educated human translators, who translate only into their native language and have at least three years of experience in their specific field of expertise. We do not use machine translation systems but only professional people, who work hard and are competent enough to help you convey your message in many different languages.
Our high quality services are also guaranteed by the whole translation management procedure we use, as the final translation output has to undergo several stages for its completion. Terminology is extracted from texts and its translation is approved by the client; then texts are translated, revised and proofread by different professionals at each stage before they are delivered to our clients. In case DTP services are required, the final output is checked by our professionals and then by the client and any necessary changes required by the client are implemented. This way we optimise our work process and our clients receive a product of really high quality that fulfils even their highest demands.

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